What’s up?

It costs a lot of money to start up a new comic and put it out through Diamond. It also costs a bit to have each issue up for sale digitally.That’s money that I’ll just have to put up front every month (or two) on the slight chance that it’ll catch on. Also you have to buy ISBN’s for each issue. It costs the same for 20 pages as it does for 100 pages.

My thinking is that one book @ 100-150 pages would work out a lot better for someone in my position. That way people will be able to get the whole story in one shot, rather than just getting a piece here and there.

So, that’s what I’m doing! I’m working on an original graphic novel. About 20 pages are done and it’s my best work yet. It’s a new North Shore Paranormal story. The focus isn’t on Charlie and Mo (from the first series) so it’s a stand alone story (but you should buy the first series anyway because it’s fun!). It’s called “NSP : Beyond the Sea…” and it’s got more of a Goonies/Monster Squad/X-files feel to it. Fun stuff!

Side note – I’m terrible at updating this site. It’s mainly because all the work that I do is story pages. I don’t do any stand alone pictures other than thumbnails, so I don’t have a lot of stuff to update with. Would anybody be interested in seeing crappy sketches and thumbnails? I’ll assume not unless somebody tells me otherwise. Maybe individual panels from the new book? Let me know!



North Shore Paranormal #2 is now available!

Shooting begins for the pilot episode of North Shore Paranormal. Will Mo’s strange past come back to haunt him? Will Charlie Throw up from camera fright? Will Lilly send them both to the great beyond for ruining her show? Find out in the second frightful issue of North Shore Paranormal!


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Also available at Comic Book Jones and Krypton Comics on Staten Island.